Minority Report

The future of UX & UI Innovations

There was fantastic stream of thought on Twitter last week about UX & UI Design; all started thanks to this tweet by @kellabyte, a Canadian developer with an uncanny knack for stirring up the masses and making them think.


What followed was a torrent of ideas on how to improve user experience, user interfaces & user interaction in terms of both the software & the hardware we use on a daily basis. Apparently Crowdsourcing + Brainstorming = Crowdstorming and a lot of credit for this post goes to following twitter folk: @robertmclaws, @cromwellryan, @uliwitness, @Montagist, @DavidQMora, @BenPittoors, @kellabyte and Others. There was a lot covered over the course of the chat, (here as a CSV file for posterity) but a few key things rang true with me so… stream of consciousness follows.

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